Testimonial from Roberta Scruggs

“Ted has an incredible talent for zeroing in on messages that resonate. One of our working groups started out with 26 ‘essential’ points, but Ted helped us focus on what really needed to be said. We ended up with a few great messages – ones that were read, heard and remembered.”

Roberta Scruggs
Communications director, Maine Forest Products Council

Testimonial from Bill Cohen

“I’ve worked with Ted in multiple public affairs and public relations projects across a number of business sectors. Ted is thoughtful, thorough, innovative, and most importantly highly effective. With his skillful guidance, we were always able to achieve our desired outcome.”

Bill Cohen
Retired Verso executive
Principal, Leeward Communications Maine

Testimonial from Robert Knudsen

We have enjoyed our relationship with Ted over several years and multiple assignments. He started with a simple recommendation but has since become a trusted confidant who we seek out for our outreach program, representing us at public meetings, and dealing with the media. He is part of our team and always does what he says he is going to do.

Robert Knudsen
VP Operations
USA Energy Group/Penobscot Energy Recovery Company

Testimonial from Pete Taft

“It’s very rare to meet someone in the communications game who really and truly ‘does it all’ — thinking, strategizing, problem-solving, writing, persuading, leading. Ted is one of them. What’s more, he delivers those goods in such a cool, calm and reassuring way, it makes working with him an absolute pleasure. I can’t think of a pro I’d rather have by my side than Ted O’Meara. He’s one of the best.”

Pete Taft
Founder and Chair
Taft Communications