These are some of the services my company provides, but what’s most important is that clients see me as a trusted partner who is committed to their success.

Communications Strategy

What are you trying to accomplish? What do you want people to know? Who are your key stakeholders? Good communication starts with good strategy and a plan – thoughtful, realistic, multi-faceted and cohesive.

Message Development

Strong, clear messages help you stand out. It’s important to craft them well, tie them to your strategy and goals, and have the discipline to stick with them by staying “on message” in all of your internal and external communications.

Media Relations

Newspapers, television, radio, and magazines are still powerful, credible ways to reach large numbers of influential people. From news releases, op-eds and story pitches, to setting up interviews and news conferences and having the right spokesperson, get the most from the media.

Public Affairs

The intersection of business and government can be a confusing, challenging place. Successfully navigating your way through the political and public policy world requires trust, patience and perseverance.

Crisis Communications

It’s not the crisis that matters – it’s how you respond, especially in those first critical hours. With the right guidance, you can get through the unexpected and come out stronger. Even better, get a plan in place – because you can’t predict a crisis, but you can be prepared for one.

Employee communications

Productivity, morale and loyalty are all related to communications. Your employees are your ambassadors, your best salespeople and your first line of defense. Always tell them first, communicate openly and often, and reinforce company values in every communication.

Speeches and Presentations

It’s not about the slides – it’s all about who you are and what you want your audience to feel or do. Every presentation is an opportunity to tell your story with authenticity, emotion and clarity. Easier said than done, but doing it well means people remember you and your message.

Community Relations

Goodwill is your most valuable asset. Knowing who your neighbors and stakeholders are, communicating with them often and developing strong relationships is an investment that always pays big dividends.

Print, video and web content

I also get involved in advocacy advertising, print collateral materials, website content and video presentations – always from a message standpoint and working closely with other with other professionals in graphic design and video production.