Here are seven of my top lessons learned
  1. The best answers are usually right in front of you; you just need someone to help you see them and array them for maximum advantage.
  2. It’s not about spin; it’s about positioning. Be authentic. Tell people who you are and what you stand for. Or take your chances and let others define you.
  3. Own your ground. The place where you stand is usually stronger than the ground your opponents are on. Don’t let them pull you over to theirs; own yours.
  4. Have message discipline. Don’t be afraid to repeat yourself. Just about the time you’re boring yourself to tears with the same messages, people are starting to pay attention.
  5. This too shall pass. No matter how ugly things are, you can and will move beyond the current situation. And, if you handle it right, you’ll come out the other side even stronger.
  6. Be transparent. Be professional. Above all, be honest. That way you never have to try to remember what you said, or apologize for how you said it.
  7. Your name, your reputation and your goodwill are by far the most valuable assets you have; protect them and invest in them.